Build candidate pipeline

Power the careers page on your website

Precisely match your brand’s look and feel. No coding or setup fees required. Make job descriptions more attractive with pictures, videos, maps.
Easy set up. Integrate once, publish forever.

  • Earthy example careers page for a media pricing analyst position.
  • Colorful example careers page for a software engineering position.
Multiple job boards in small circles, with Jobscore in the center circle

Post to multiple job boards with one click

  • Add your jobs to 40+ free and paid job boards in mere seconds.
  • Monitor which job boards perform the best and optimize your recruiting spend.

Drive more employee referrals

  • Make it easy for your team to share jobs with people they know through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Email.
  • Get your entire team involved in hiring because referrals are the #1 source of top performers.
  • Email resumes directly into JobScore – easy and accurate with no manual data entry.
People icons in circles around, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn logos to promote social recruiting.

JobScore gets you candidates

Organize the Interview Process

Candidate manager to route and process candidate resumes.

Route & process resumes

  • Control who is notified about new applicants on a job-by-job basis.
  • Browse resumes in email or login to your secure online database.
  • Provide a great candidate experience with email templates + bulk emailing.

Collaborate & discuss candidates

  • Make hiring a team sport! When you reply to emails all conversations are auto-magically tracked.
  • Keep everyone on the same page by customizing who owns each step in your hiring workflow.
  • Use thumbs up / thumbs down ratings to get the insights you need to make great hiring decisions.

Schedule interviews & collect feedback

Google & Microsoft calendar integration with two way synchronization.
Schedule complex interview panels and auto-remind the team to add feedback.
Script the interview process and prompt everyone to ask the right questions.

JobScore gets you organized

Everything You Need to be Great at Recruiting

  • Reports & Analytics
  • Resume and Notes Search
  • Search Firm Portal
  • Merge & Delete Candidates
  • Complete Activity Tracking
  • Pipeline Management
  • HRIS
  • EEO & OFCCP Compliance
  • Export to
  • Confidential Notes
  • Email Notifications
  • Email Commands
  • Candidate Tagging
  • Powerful
  • Mobile Optimization

Improve your recruiting today