Spend Wisely

Start with Results

The JobScore Hire Report shows what’s working

Hire report using custom JobScore recruitment metrics tools.

Optimize Sourcing Strategy

Source quality reports using JobScore recruitment metrics tools.

See if a source is generating enough activity to drive better hiring decisions

Understand the true cost of a source using the ratio of new candidates –> screens –> interviews

Make your CFO happy

Two source quality report pages using JobScore recruitment metrics tools.

Measure job board performance based on # of interviews and employee effort per interview

Search Firms are expensive but worth it when they quickly fill critical roles.

Focus on What Matters

  • The JobScore Activity Report shows you what got done.
  • Easily see if you are spending time on your most important jobs.
Activity report using JobScore recruitment metrics tools.
  • Employee time is your biggest recruiting investment.
  • Measure the throughput of your entire team or drill down into individual performance.
Measured employee activity reports using JobScore.
Blue return button that says 'Save Time' with a clock image beneath it.


Data Entry

  • Time is money. JobScore helps you save time by clicking less and doing more.
  • Eliminate hours of data entry you currently spend adding candidates, posting jobs, scheduling interviews, printing resumes and more.