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Picture of Carol Ward

Carol Ward

VP, People at Lytics

“I’m a career HR professional and recruiting isn’t my passion, but it’s in my domain. JobScore gives my team the tools we need to get the job done.”

Picture of Mazdak Rezvani
Shoppe AI logo
Shoppe AI logo

Mazdak Rezvani

CEO of Shoppe AI

“As a startup CEO, I want to spend less time managing candidates and resumes and more time focusing on growing the business. JobScore made it possible to grow my last business from a handful of people to over 100, so I’m back using it again at my new startup.”

Picture of Angie White
AAA Heating & Air Conditioning logo
AAA Heating & Air Conditioning logo

Angie White

Office Manager at AAA Heating & Air Conditioning

“I searched for years for recruitment software that has the features I need that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. JobScore is EXACTLY what I’ve wanted and needed for a long time. I’m using the heck out of JobScore and am thrilled to have found it!”

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