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Avispa cuts talent acquisition costs by 40% with JobScore

Our previous ATS was feature-rich but it was so complicated that people didn’t use it. JobScore is intuitive and user-friendly, so our recruiters actually use it, and we realize all it’s benefits.”

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Rothman Moncayo

Founder and CEO of Avispa


Avispa’s searchable talent pool of a half a million candidates drives bottom line results:


decrease in talent acquisition costs

Up to


reduction in time to hire

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By keeping tabs on the 500,000+ candidates they’ve gotten to know over the last 12 years Avispa fills jobs with better matches, more quickly, and at a lower cost.

Essentially a consulting firm that directly hires and places contractors at clients, Avispa relies on JobScore as heavily as most companies rely on critical systems like their CRM.

Where a CRM can make it faster and cheaper for most businesses to re-engage current and former customers, JobScore makes it faster and easier to re-engage former candidates. Avispa’s best source of talent is its searchable candidate database in JobScore.

It’s often said that people are a company’s most valuable asset. In the workforce solutions business, people are also where your revenue comes from.

When Rothman Moncayo founded workforce solutions provider Avispa in 2011, he knew that a robust and easy-to-use applicant tracking system could help his company win in the market. Having had poor experiences with ATS platforms in the past, Rothman was thrilled to find JobScore was a robust ATS that recruiters enjoyed using.

Twelve years later, JobScore continues to fuel Avispa’s competitive edge.

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The database we’ve built in JobScore over 12 years enables us to source the best candidates quickly for 40% less. That’s a huge competitive advantage.”

Smiling man wearing a suit and glasses

Rothman Moncayo

Founder and CEO of Avispa

Chief Operating Officer Daena Venell started with Avispa as a recruiter in 2014. She says one of the most valuable aspects of JobScore is its power as a direct sourcing tool.

“We’ve built a huge pool of candidates, and JobScore is our system of record for everything we know about them. Tapping into that helps us be the fastest workforce solutions partner for our clients.”

“With our talent pool in JobScore, we have candidates’ contact information, we know what types of roles they’ve worked in, and we know the conversations we’ve had with them. We’re able to be the first supplier with a great candidate for our clients, and often that candidate gets interviewed and hired well before a cold prospect would’ve made it to the initial stage. That’s a very powerful advantage for Avispa.”

Using JobScore as our direct source database, our de facto CRM, we’re able to be the first supplier with a great candidate for our clients. That’s a very powerful advantage for us.”

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Daena Venell

Chief Operating Officer at Avispa

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With an ATS that’s easy to use, Avispa’s recruiters actually use it.

Before he launched Avispa, Moncayo worked at a big staffing agency with an applicant tracking system everybody hated. “That particular ATS platform was advertised as feature-rich, but it was really complicated and never lived up to its hype. The user interface was awful, so recruiters didn’t use it.” Which, of course, defeats the purpose of having an ATS in the first place. So the fact that Avispa recruiters actually like using JobScore, and use it every day, makes it possible to fully realize all its benefits.

One of the reasons the Avispa team likes JobScore is because it fits the way they work. “We use lots of custom workflow stages,” Venell explains. “Our talent acquisition process has different stages, and we built custom workflows in JobScore to match those stages. Recruiters use the system when candidates are in the application, sourcing, and interview stages. Then once we hire a candidate, the onboarding team can access the system as well.”

Managers easily diagnose challenges and identify optimization opportunities.

As Avispa’s de facto CRM, JobScore’s greatest value lies in the information it holds about the approximately half a million candidates that Avispa has vetted over the last twelve years. “Recruiters use JobScore every day because all the information they need is there. Whenever they communicate with a candidate, they drop in a note,” Moncayo explains. “JobScore keeps our recruiters on track day to day.” Using JobScore to track candidates, Avispa recruiters added 7,000 notes in the last 90 days alone.

JobScore also gives Moncayo, Venell, and the rest of Avispa’s leadership team visibility into the talent acquisition lifecycle. “Right from the home screen, we can see how many new applicants we have and what stage candidates are at. It gives us a 30,000-foot overview before our team meetings so we can identify and then discuss opportunities for optimization,” Venell says. “It also helps managers understand what’s going on if an issue arises. They can see the whole communication chain.”

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We don’t have to try and fit our processes to the ATS, JobScore fits the way our business works.”

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Daena Venell

Chief Operating Officer at Avispa

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About JobScore

JobScore is an applicant tracking system and recruiting software platform that empowers employers to find and hire great people. We relentlessly build and improve software that helps your team get better at recruiting. To learn more, visit jobscore.com.

About Avispa

Avispa is a workforce solutions company that helps candidates and clients navigate the hiring process so that they both find a perfect fit. Leading technology and healthcare companies count on Avispa to provide a large pool of highly qualified and motivated talent at the ready. To learn more, visit avispatechnology.com.

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