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Case Study

Spokeo switches to JobScore to get unfettered access to their recruiting data, allow their recruiters to monitor their own performance, and build custom reports which has resulted in 2x more recruiting activity, 45% better candidate screening, and 75% higher conversion rates with hiring managers.

About Spokeo

Spokeo is a people intelligence service that helps you search, connect, and know who you are dealing with. You can use it to find old friends, identify unknown callers, or research your date. Professionals use it to find new customers or to prevent fraud. Knowledge is a quick search away.


William Uranga, Director of Talent Acquisition for Spokeo, was using a well-known Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) vendor but had great difficulty getting reporting, customization, and, most importantly, full access to his company’s own recruiting data without incurring extra fees. Spokeo couldn’t pull out their data and do the detailed reporting and analysis they needed. Their vendor told them they had to pay extra fees and took time to give them data exports.

Spokeo felt their data belonged to them and that their vendor’s architecture did not acknowledge or support their data needs.

Overall, they didn’t feel like they were getting the value they deserved from their ATS. Uranga then started a comprehensive RFP process to find a better ATS. “We were looking very deeply at overall value…we wanted data that would help us adjust and course-correct,” says Uranga. They made a detailed matrix of all their needs, and involved their internal recruiters, data experts, and UI specialists. They wanted an ATS that was easy and intuitive, innovative, enabled customization, US-based, secure, and allowed unfettered access to their data. Also, they didn’t want an ATS that was tacked on to an HRIS system.

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We were looking very deeply at overall value…we wanted data that would help us adjust and course- correct”
William Uranga Director of Talent Acquisition

The Solution

After an intense review and analysis, the interdisciplinary team within Spokeo narrowed the field to four providers and ultimately selected JobScore. They felt JobScore was not only simple and intuitive but powerful and customizable. Moreover, JobScore is compatible with their tech stack components such as G suite and Linkedin Recruiter, is mobile-friendly, has reasonable pricing options, allows e-signing, and, most importantly, gives them unfettered access to their data.

Uranga now runs detailed, customized weekly and monthly dashboards to help them manage their entire talent acquisition process.

recruiter activity
Screen candidates more effectively
Increased hiring manager
conversion to final interview

The Results

Since switching to JobScore, Spokeo has found it easy and intuitive to rapidly customize their processes and integrate JobScore with their tech stack. Their candidates can access what they need from any mobile device; their hiring teams can consummate job offers electronically. Most importantly, Uranga and his team can pull the data they need to run customized weekly and monthly dashboards. As a result of being able to measure performance metrics accurately, they’ve been able to 2x recruiter activity, screen candidates 45% more effectively, and increase hiring manager conversion to final interview by 75%.

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