The Education Hiring Crunch

Hiring teachers is getting harder because

  • Many teachers are retiring
  • New teacher certifications are down
  • The number of teaching positions is growing

Progressive schools are adopting tactics and technology from other industries to attract and hire great people.

Register for the webinar on January 18th at 9am

to learn how Lighthouse Community Charter Public Schools uses JobScore to:

  • Build candidate pipeline and track what works
  • Create a unique, differentiated candidate experience
  • Eliminate busywork and make life easier
  • Use analytics to streamline recruiting and get results

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Dan Arkind

Dan Arkind

Co-founder & CEO


I’ve been recruiting since the mid 1990s, first as a recruiter then as consultant helping companies set up and improve their recruiting.

I co-founded JobScore to create technology that helps companies easily make recruiting simpler and more effective.

My mom was an ESL teacher and I wrote my thesis on the history of education & literacy in Brazil. I ♡ teachers.

Anna Martin

Anna Martin

Director of Talent Management

Lighthouse Community Charter Public Schools

I am passionate about building the human capacity of adults in schools to enable all children, especially the most vulnerable, to succeed and achieve the college and career of their choice.

I am committed to diversifying who teaches and leads so that all students will have models of themselves and their communities in positions of leadership and power in schools.