Interview Confirmations

JobScore can now send calendar invites directly through your calendar program, which also means JobScore can track when candidates accept or reject your invites. Event organizers will receive interview confirmation notifications as if they created events directly in Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, and your team can see the confirmation status in JobScore at a glance.

See invite request interview confirmation status

If you’ve been using JobScore for a while, you’ll likely want to retire some of your action templates and replace them with task templates to take advantage of tracking interview confirmations in JobScore:

Update task templates to see interview confirmation status in JobScore

Please contact your account manager if you need a hand updating your workflow stages and templates.

Important: Due to Google’s aggressive spam detection policy, event organizers must grant access to the gmail.readonly scope and turn on email synchronization to ensure candidate calendar invite confirmations are processed. This is so JobScore can detect event confirmations that Gmail sends to spam. IT professionals can learn more about Google scope usage and management in this help center article. Furthermore, interview confirmations only work when your company installs the latest Google and Microsoft Integrations and sends candidate invites using tasks.