More Candidate Action Automations

We’ve added a few features from the interview self-scheduling action to invite to apply and candidate forms. You can now:

  • Assign actions to workflow stages.
  • Auto-start actions. This means you can change a candidate’s workflow stage and perform an action with one click.
  • Bulk-start actions for multiple candidates at once.
  • Add actions to Macros. This means you can ask a candidate to fill out a form and send their profile to a co-worker with one click.

We’ve added automation features that allow you to pre-determine what happens when self-scheduling and candidate form actions are completed:

  • Move Candidate to Workflow Stage: Set it so that when a candidate completes a self-scheduling form they’re moved from the “schedule manager interview” stage to the “manager interview” stage.
  • Notify When Completed: Set it so hiring managers are notified when a candidate completes a form so they can review their answers and decide what to do.

Edit candidate form dialog

We hope these enhancements make help you further streamline your workflow and make hiring a team sport. Happy hiring!