Interview Self-Scheduling

Candidate interview self-scheduling, which allows candidates to book their own interviews, has always been possible in JobScore using third-party tools like Calendly or While this approach works, it has its compromises, including:

  • The status of interview scheduling requests is not shown in JobScore.
  • The candidate’s workflow stage is not automatically updated in JobScore when interviews are scheduled.
  • Useful JobScore links are not added to published calendar events.
  • There’s a per-seat cost for every interviewer.

JobScore is eliminating these compromises and costs by launching interview self-scheduling. Here’s how it works:

  1. You send candidates emails with a link to self-schedule an interview through JobScore.
  2. The candidate clicks to visit a secure, branded page where they can see the interviewer’s free/busy.
  3. The candidate selects a date and time.

Screen capture of the interview self-scheduling experience for a candidate

Voila! When a candidate confirms a time:

  1. A task is created in JobScore
  2. An event is added to the interviewer’s Microsoft or Google-powered work calendar with a link to an interview template and a video conference link.
  3. A calendar invite is sent to the candidate’s personal calendar with interview details and a video conference link.

If you choose to do so:

  • The candidate’s workflow stage is updated in JobScore
  • Users are notified when interviews are scheduled

Add interview details to the interviewer’s calendar and candidate’s calendar.

You can send interview self-scheduling requests from the new More Actions card on the Candidate Action page:

Use scheduling templates to kick off personalized interview self-scheduling workflows

We also launched self-schedule templates because it’s common to send similar scheduling requests over and over. These templates control:

  • Communication preferences (by selecting an email template)
  • Interview scheduling preferences (by selecting a task template)
  • Which interview to run (by selecting an interview template)
  • Conferencing preferences (whether to insert a Google Meet link, Microsoft Teams link, Zoom link, or a phone number)
  • Workflow preferences (whether to automatically update the candidate’s workflow stage when an interview is scheduled)
  • Notification preferences (who to notify when an interview is scheduled)

To make it easier to get started with self-scheduling we’ve added a sample template for manager interviews to your account. In order to make the templates work with one click, we’ve also inserted a new email and task template. You can see these templates here >>

To make it easy for everyone to understand what to do next, you can assign self-scheduling templates to workflow stages. This allows your team to send powerful, customized self-scheduling requests with one click, as well as send requests in bulk:

Prompt multiple candidates to schedule interviews using bulk-self scheduling

JobScore records self-scheduling requests and shows their status, so everyone knows what’s going on. Pending scheduling requests are shown whenever you review candidates, and a list of pending scheduling requests is shown on the homepage for your convenience:

Screenshot of pending scheduling request list on homepage

Self-scheduled interviews can easily be rescheduled. Links to reschedule are included in the candidate’s calendar event, the interviewer’s calendar event, and the JobScore user experience:

Easily ask candidates to reschedule interviews

Finally, every user can control what times candidates can schedule interviews on their calendar. Each user’s interview scheduling availability control can be accessed from their My Settings page:

Every user can control when candidates can schedule interviews

To start using self-scheduling you’ll need to:

  • Be on the Jobscore SCALE or ENTERPRISE plan
  • Install the Microsoft or Google calendar integration
  • Use the new More Actions card on the Candidate Action page as shown above, and streamline things with scheduling templates.

If you installed the Google Calendar integration more than 6 months ago you may need to uninstall and reinstall the JobScore Google Marketplace App to use self-scheduling. Instructions on how to uninstall and reinstall are here >>