Job and compensation field updates

Soon we’ll begin working on the approvals feature in JobScore.

A key aspect of approvals is to have “pre-approved” offer ranges… this means your CFO could say that you can hire a Marketing Manager provided their base salary is between US$60,000 and US$80,000.

To make this work we’ve updated how you store compensation information on Jobs in JobScore. The new compensation information area looks like this:

Job Compensation Area

As a reminder, compensation information can only be accessed by users that have confidential access to the job. Learn more about confidential access & confidential fields in the JobScore helpcenter >>

Hidden Job fields

We’ve also made it easy to hide some of the job fields that many of you don’t use. New accounts will have these fields hidden by default and will now look like this:

Job Details Area

If you want hide these fields in your account, you can do so on the newly updated job fields page in the administrative console:

Job Fields

We hope this little change makes JobScore a lot easier to navigate and use day to day.

Happy Hiring!