Improve Communication With Hiring Managers

improve communication

Hiring Managers often think of recruiters as magicians who pull out their wand and PRESTO! amazing candidates appear out of nowhere.

In a past life John Vlastelica  was a recruiting leader at Amazon and Expedia. He’s now the Managing Director of Recruiting Toolbox, a firm that helps organizations get better at recruiting. In his practice, John has interviewed over 1000 hiring managers:

“I’ve seen a lot of recruiters talk about educating hiring managers, setting expectations and trying to have difficult conversations… but when I see them in action or go to talk to hiring managers, they describe the recruiter’s role as transactional.”

John took this information and went on a mission figure out what the best recruiters do differently. In his talk at Hirecamp 2014 he shared that what top recruiters do isn’t magic, it’s communication:

“One of the things that really good recruiters do is have honest, transparent, expectation setting conversations with hiring managers.”

In his talk at HireCamp, John shared two specific, actionable, simple techniques that all recruiters can use to improve rapport with hiring managers. Give it a watch:

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