Hiring Hacks for Founders

Building your team as a fledgling founder is really, really hard. You almost never have the luxury of professional recruiting assistance – even though you often need the most help in the earliest stages.

So we’ve been trying to pull some content together and do some speaking about hiring tips and tricks for entrepreneurs. Our first go-around was a short talk at FB-Fund in Palo Alto in July.

We made our second attempt last night (along with Peter Pham from BillShrink – who did a great job) at the Finance4Founders dinner in San Francisco. The topic was “Startup Hiring: I’ve hired all my friends – now what?”

After chatting with the event’s organizer (Dave McClure) for a while we zeroed in on a few things:

  • How to design a start up hiring plan
  • What you need to know about employee compensation & equity
  • How to create a competitive recruiting & hiring process

It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for these talks, but it felt great to give back.

Based on attendee’s response, we’re looking into running an all-day event on start up hiring in the bay area in Q1 2010. We even picked up a domain name – HireCamp. If you’d be interested in attending, speaking, organizing or sponsoring – we’d love to hear from you.

As I got at least 10 requests for a copy of the slides from last night’s presentation, here they are: