Changes to JobScore < > LinkedIn Integrations

Starting today, job seekers will no longer be able to import their profile to apply for a job on JobScore. Our Import with LinkedIn feature helped set an industry standard: it’s been live since 2008 and has been used by nearly half a million job seekers!

Here’s what’s up:

We’ve formalized and are extending our relationship to become a LinkedIn Talent Solutions partner. To become a partner they asked that we take down “Import with LinkedIn” but shared customers with LinkedIn Recruiter and/or Job Slots contracts will see some cool new features in the 2nd half of 2018 including:

  • The official “Apply with LinkedIn plugin” which will replace “Import with LinkedIn”
  • The ability to see “Apply Starters” in LinkedIn Recruiter – which are LinkedIn visitors who started to apply for a job on JobScore using the Apply with LinkedIn Plugin but did not finish
  • Recruiter System Connect, which streamlines the workflow between JobScore and LinkedIn Recruiter

We’re sorry to see “Import with LinkedIn” go, but are excited to make life even easier for our shared customers by extending our partnership.

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