Candidate Ratings

JobScore now gives you the power to add thumbs-up / thumbs-down candidate ratings in notes:

create template with instruction

Candidate Ratings help your team get better at interviewing by making feedback more quantitative and actionable.

In addition to the overall recommendation, you can insert custom ratings into note templates. The idea is to create a note template for each stage of the interview process with ratings that prompt team members to assess specific candidate criteria.  Here’s how to create a template with instructions and ratings:

rating in notes

Once you’ve created a note template, you can assign a team member to use it in an interview and rate candidates on specific criteria:

Candidate ratings can be used throughout the interview process, from recruiter screens to phone interviews all the way through onsite face to face interviews. To help you get started with ratings we’ve inserted the “Overall Recommendation” in your Blank Note template, but you can remove it anytime.

Want to learn more about ratings? Contact your account manager or for help getting started with ratings today!