Calendar Integration & Tasks

Today we changed how tasks work in JobScore to make it easier to meet your calendaring and scheduling needs.  Here’s what’s new:

Multiple Attendees: The primary control when scheduling is now a time slot, not the user. This makes it possible to add multiple interviewers to the same calendar event, so everyone knows what’s going on.

Multiple Rooms: You can now schedule multiple rooms for each time slot.  This comes in handy  when scheduling a candidate to speak to someone in a different location.  For instance, you could schedule room A in Sydney, Australia for the candidate to sit in and call an employee in room B in Minneapolis, MN.

Custom Locations: You can now specify custom locations when scheduling appointments.  This means you can schedule interviews “in Melissa’s office” “the couch at Central Perk” or even “poolside”

Task Lists:  Tasks shown in lists are now listed by individual user instead of by task group.  Each attendee is shown separately and has their own completion status.  The result is that if two people interview someone at the same time (in the same scheduled event) you can assign each of them unique note templates and track if they entered their feedback individually.

View Tasks: A new page was created to see all details of an interview panel (task group). All attendees in a group are shown along with their calendar event status (invite responses) and their completion status.  You can access the view task page by clicking on the category label (follow up, interview) from any task list.  This page makes it easy to see, at a glance, what’s happening with an onsite interview.