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Interview feedback view and compare candidates view

We recently launched features to help you efficiently schedule and run better interviews including interview confirmations, interview self-scheduling, and rating questions & comments. Today we launched two more features that make it easy to leverage interview feedback and make data-driven hiring decisions: The interview feedback view shows feedback for all interviewers in one view: The […]

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Rating Questions and Comments

We’ve made a few improvements to candidate ratings that make it easier for your team to interview better. Rating Questions Interview templates can include scorecards with ratings that prompt interviewers to focus on specific criteria. However, inexperienced interviewers are often unsure what questions to ask candidates. Rating questions allow you to add sample questions to […]

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Sep 12, 2022

Version History

At JobScore we often work on documents as a team. We use Google Docs, which includes a great feature called version history that tracks who made each edit, and allows you to restore old versions of documents. We’ve added version history to job descriptions in JobScore. We hope it’ll inspire you to improve your job […]

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