Employee Referral Context Template

Employee referrals are the #1 source of top-performing employees in almost every organization.

Referrals are awesome. One of the reasons referrals often work is that your team only refers people they feel are a perfect fit, effectively “staking their reputation” that their referral will be a great employee.

However, the best employee referral programs aren’t about perfection. Instead top performing programs often focus on:

  • Slightly lowering the bar. Employees are asked to refer people worth interviewing, who have the potential to become top performers.
  • Gathering information that will provide an unfair advantage when it’s time to close the deal.

It matters if a referral is someone your employee met for five minutes or, or if they’re an old friend from grammar school. You should likely adjust how you woo and assess referred candidates if they worked side by side with one of your top performers for years.

The referral context template helps you get the most out of your employee referral program by prompting your team to answer a standard set of questions when they make referrals through JobScore:

Referring a candidate through JobScore using the referral context template

If a coworker is listed as the referrer, JobScore will send them an email prompting them to provide context:

Automatically requesting a teammate by email to add a referral note using the employee referral context template

Users with the admin and owner access levels can adjust the questions in the referral context note template in the admin console:

Editing the referral context note template

We hope that the context provided by the questions in this template help you make your next great referral hire.