This Just Happened

Fine. Call it a comeback.

Although I’ve been pimping a newsletter for the past year or so, full-on blogging has been something I’ve stayed away from – for good reason. Blogging is hard. Those who do it will know what I’m talking about.

So I’ve stayed away. Until now. Here’s how it went down:

A month or so ago, I added a P.S. to one of my newsletters basically, offering to guest post for anyone looking for content. One reader in particular, Jobscore’s Dan Arkind said: 

Would you consider coming onboard and blogging on Jobscore?

It was an intriguing opportunity. Especially when Dan was willing to “let Joel be Joel.”

See, I’ve always been fascinated with the quandary of small businesses needing great content in order to market themselves, when so many have such crappy content options. And on the other end of the spectrum, you have a universe of content creators – usually bloggers – who lack resources to do more of what they enjoy.

At some point, the two should – and probably will – get together.

And even though there are examples of bloggers and corporations getting together, bringing me into the mix is a little bit different. For anyone who knows my work, I’m an agitator. I’m bound to tick someone off – someone Jobscore works with or hopes to work with.

Yikes, right?

But they’re willing to take that risk in order to increase brand awareness, and in turn business at large. They should either be applauded or fitted for a straight jacket, but either way, their participation in this chemical reaction is admirable.

How could I resist? Reputable business + Volatile blogger = Sign me up

Frankly, the recruitosphere has been one big snoozer the past few years (see, I’ve already angered a whole bunch of people). I think the industry deserves better. And I’m humbled to have a partner in Jobscore who agrees and is willing to take a chance.

I’ve got the keys to a nice place. The landlord tolerates loud music.

Let’s have some fun.