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May 6, 2013

LinkedIn Gets Facebookier, Indeed Rejoices

LinkedIn didn’t listen to a word I said. Jumping onto the resume reinvention bandwagon, LinkedIn introduced “visually enhanced” portfolios last week. As the name suggests, LinkedIn users are now empowered to add even more eye-candy to profiles. According to the release: This means you can illustrate your greatest achievements in the form of stunning images, compelling […]

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Apr 25, 2013

Is the Future of Job Search in Video?

It probably started with the cavemen. The more visually acute among us were more likely to escape saber-toothed tigers and catch Sunday brunch. Stop signs and help wanted shingles didn’t come along till much later. In short, we’ve evolved as visual beings. MRI in Indianapolis was an early adopter of online-video-as-job-posting. I’m talking 2006 early. […]

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