Search Firm Communication

Today we made a few changes to help keep search firm recruiters in the loop about their candidates.

The search firm management feature makes it easy for you to assign search firms to jobs and ask them to submit candidates and have them submit candidates by email.

Now you can effortlessly keep search firms in the loop about their candidates…

  1. Just add a note and ask the search firm to move forward.
  2. Whenever your team emails a candidate through the system, the search firm recruiter is automatically added as a cc: so they know what’s up
  3. As the team adds feedback on the candidate the search firm will automatically be notified.

A few more goodies:

  1. Don’t want to let the search firm know what’s up? You can easily choose to exclude them from communications.
  2. All communication is through email, so agencies won’t see things they aren’t supposed to.
  3. Here’s the best part: Search firm recruiters can reply to the note alert emails they receive and their responses will be automatically recorded as notes in JobScore… No more cutting and pasting!

We hope that all of this makes it easier to work with your agency partners.