Learning how tall you are

Were always amazed by the small guy who makes it to the NBA and excels. They are unique. But you know what? Everyone wants to think they can play with the big guys, no matter how tall they are.

We at JobScore just learned how truly unique these small guys are. We are fortunate. We have been growing and getting taller every day. In fact, we got to the point where we were in the game with some pretty good ball players and Twitter became a customerour biggest customer. When we started working with Twitter they were taller than us, but we were quick & nimble

But then Twitter had one of those growth spurts that are just unbelievable. We played hard (JobScore is a small, bootstrapped start-up) but Twitter just kept getting bigger and bigger.

Recently Twitter let us know that they couldn’t play with us anymore and they were going to start playing with someone else who is more their size. We are bummed, but we understand. We did our part helping them get to the next level.

Does this make us any less of a player? No, but it might take us a little while to get past it emotionally because it feels like were on the playground and didnt get picked to play in the next game. That said, we learned some great moves on the court with Twitter and we are still playing with tall players. Were young. Were small. But weve got game, and were growing fast.

Thanks to Rusty Rueff for the inspiration to write this post.