Jobvite ‘Approves This Message’

The vitriol of the presidential campaign is apparently spilling into the usually pleasant world of recruitment technology. Instead of targeting tax policy and national defense, however, acquisition uncertainty is in the crosshairs.

Enter Jobvite’s most recent email marketing campaign sent via ERE’s LinkedIn Group. In it, the company goes for Taleo’s jugular by highlighting its recent acquisition by Oracle. “Did your ‘good thing’ with Taleo come to an end? Can you afford to find out?” says the email.

It goes on:

Oracle bought Taleo, and that brings uncertainty. As both companies now try to fold Taleo’s technology into Oracle’s existing offerings, current customers like you sit on the sidelines. Waiting. Wondering. What if it takes too long? What if the developers can no longer take time to focus on recruiting? What if Taleo has forever lost its innovation mojo?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for guerrilla marketing and sticking it to The Man. But I’m just a knucklehead with an Internet connection. Jobvite is an established company with real executives and investment. And this kind of move is especially strange in an industry known for being polite.

And there’s more.

Enough with the what-if scenarios. You need a sure thing—one that was designed to work the way recruiters work, plain and simple. Why not try Jobvite, the leading best-of-breed recruiting solution?

Click here for the landing page Jobvite is using to attract Taleo customers. It’s the one currently being used in ads when doing searches on Google like “buy Taleo” (nice typo, by the way, huh?).

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Interestingly, Jobvite isn’t alone. Fellow ATS provider The Resumator recently launched a campaign to lure Kenexa clients to their solution via their “Switchover Campaign”, saying:

In the wake of IBM’s acquisition of Kenexa, today we launched our new SwitchOver campaign which aims to win the hearts of Kenexa’s clients. Starting today, when business owners or hiring managers present their Kenexa contracts, The Resumator will cut their costs in half.

Not nearly as ballsy as the Jobvite campaign but you get the idea. The Resumator’s just comes with a little more sugar coating. Each vulture’s feast, however, is the same.

Update (9/24/12): A reader tipped us off that Jobvite performed a flashmob at Taleo World, cheering attendees to make the switch. Check it: