JobScore Performance Posting

We doubled the number of organic/free websites JobScore supports in 2020…  but free postings don’t always get the job done. For 2021 we’re excited to announce the launch of a new option called JobScore Performance Posting.

When you buy a traditional job board ad, it shows up on just one website.  Performance postings are different.  They efficiently drive candidates to your jobs from an entire network of sites.  An algorithm helps you get results by spending money on the sites in the network that get you the best-bang-for your-buck.

JobScore Performance Posting is powered by our partner Appcast, the leading provider of programmatic job advertising technology. The algorithm that drives performance postings takes advantage of what Appcast learned:

  • by spending US$600+ Million
  • on 610 Million jobs
  • for 1,500 hiring organizations, including 25% of the companies in the Fortune 100
  • across their network of 10,000+ sites

We’re thrilled to offer you access to smarts that are normally only available to the world’s largest and most demanding recruitment advertising buyers.

The JobScore performance posting option is available on the post job page for US$200 in the first position:

Happy Hiring!