Industry Vet Chad Sowash Joins RecruitMilitary

Chad Sowash has been part of the online recruiting landscape for a long time in Internet years. Those familiar with “OCC” will appreciate just how long. Think 1998.

The bulk of that time has been spent in business development with Direct Employers Association. For a lot of folks – me included – Sowash was the face of the organization and heir apparent to taking the reins at the nonprofit down the road.

Chad Sowash During His Days at Direct Employers

That changed in May when Sowash left the organization. A big surprise for many close to the association, but maybe more intriguing was the fact that his departure had no immediate landing pad.

Well, the mystery is over. Made official today, Sowash is now Chief Experience Officer with RecruitMilitary, an organization whose goal is, you guessed it, to find jobs for military vets.

“I am truly honored to accept a key leadership role in such an amazing organization focused on something so near and dear to my heart,” said Sowash.

“I look forward to working with the dedicated RecruitMilitary team to bring new and innovative products, services, content, and a new RecruitMilitary Experience to the market.”

Near and dear, for sure. Sowash is a military guy to the bone, having served in some capacity as an Army guy since he was draft age. 

“We are delighted to bring Chad aboard,” said Drew Myers, president of RecruitMilitary and a former captain in the United States Marine Corps. “Chad will play a key role as we redesign our online presence for greater consistency and clearer messaging.”

According to Sowash, that means taking the company’s many parts, which includes a traditional magazine, and bring them all together in a cohesive way. The experiences of bringing Direct Employers Association’s many tech pieces together should pay dividends with his new employer and its customers.

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