Co-Founder Downsizes Job Title

Forster’s business advisor

Where would you go after selling your company for a bucketload of cash? Maui? Disney World?

For co-founder Paul Forster, that destination is jolly ol’ London, England. But wait, there’s more. The new destination comes with a brand new title – Senior Advisor.

So long, CEO.

“Co-founder Rony Kahan is now CEO of Indeed,” said Anne Murguia, Indeed’s senior director, corporate marketing. “Paul Forster has moved back home to the UK where he works in our London office. Paul and Rony are continuing to work together as a team, as they have for years.”

Kahan’s tech know-how and laid back demeanor went well with Forster’s business  acumen at the top of Indeed’s executive food chain, so it’ll be interesting to see how Forster’s advisor role plays out long term.


greater influence on sales

When companies take over other companies, departments and roles that overlap are commonly eliminated or reallocated elsewhere.

With Forster’s focus on the sales side of the business for so long, I have to wonder if Recruit will now have a greater influence on sales and service going forward.

Time will tell.

No surprise to see changes taking place at Indeed following their acquisition, but seeing such shuffling at the top is certainly unique. It’s doubtful Recruit will mess with a good thing, but for whatever reason, this was a move the powers that be deemed necessary.

Or maybe Paul just missed the fish and chips.


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