A fresh coat of paint for the holidays

Today we updated the employer interface.  We hope that you find the new design lighter and more modern.  Changes include:

  • Simplified the primary navigation to one row and replaced a few of the less-frequently used tabs (reports, admin, help) with icons
  • The admin & reports menus now have two tiers, which makes things easier to find.
  • Replaced your name with a square box with initials.  Soon you’ll be able to replace your initials with a photo.
  • Added a user menu that appears when you hover over your initials.  Several items that were in the primary navigation are now located here.
  • Adjusted colors, borders and shadows to make the design more “flat” and visually consistent.
  • Decreased font weights to make text more uniform and easier to read.
  • Increased the height of rows in tables and menus to make text easier to read and click areas easier to target.

We hope you enjoy the new look & happy holidays!