Google For Jobs

The “Google for Jobs” launch was probably the most important thing to happen in the job board world in 2018. Back then we make it easy for Google to find & list your jobs. We just made some improvements so that Google for Jobs will work like other job boards in JobScore. Here’s what’s new:

1. You can turn Google for Jobs on and off:

Check to add your jobs in the JobScore recruiting software to Google for Jobs for free

2. When turned on, Google displays your jobs with an “Apply on JobScore” option:

An apply on JobScore button is shown on your job posting on Google for Jobs

3. When job seekers choose this option, the candidate source is pre-populated in the job application form:

Track google for jobs as a candidate source in your ats

4. JobScore reports on how many candidates you get directly from Google in the source quality report:

Track google for jobs performance on the JobScore source quality report


All this makes it easier to track Google for Jobs as a candidate source and see how it performs compared to other job sites. It’s important to remember, however, that Google for Jobs also provides the option to apply on LinkedIn, Glassdoor and other job sites, so some of the candidates attributed to those job sites may in fact originate from Google.

Google For Jobs is included in all JobScore plans.

Happy Hiring!