Ending support for Facebook Jobs

Facebook is sunsetting partner support for the “Jobs on Facebook” program on February 22, 2022 (the official announcement is here). Here’s the bottom line:

  • JobScore can no longer send your jobs to Facebook, so we are sunsetting that job posting option.
  • It’s now impossible for job seekers on Facebook to send their information to any third-party recruiting software, including JobScore.
  • Employers can now only consume job application information by logging into Facebook or by email.

These changes are not unique to JobScore, they are true for every partner. If you’d like to keep using Jobs on Facebook, here’s how to do that:

  • Employers in the United States and Canada can still post jobs.
  • Facebook page admins will need to log in and manually add each job on this page.
  • People who find your jobs will apply using a form hosted by Facebook (that you’ll need to customize for each job you add)
  • Facebook page admins who log in can click “manage jobs” to see applicants or choose to receive applications by email. (instructions are here)
  • If you want to track these applicants in JobScore, cut-and-paste their data into the Add Candidate page. Customers on the scale and enterprise plans can also add candidates by forwarding Facebook’s emails to your resume inbox. (details here)

JobScore has been working with Facebook on its jobs initiative since 2017. We are disappointed because we feel these changes make life more difficult for most employers, and make Facebook Jobs borderline unusable for organizations who need to meet federally mandated EEO and OFCCP compliance requirements and/or diversity, equity & inclusion goals.

We hope that Facebook revisits some of its decisions in the future and makes it easier for employers to leverage the world’s largest social network to efficiently meet their hiring goals.