JobScore + email are now best friends

A lot of recruiting happens in email.. and cutting & pasting information from email into your ATS feels like a big waste of time that slows you down.

Our  new Email Tracking feature empowers your team to add information to JobScore by simply sending an email. Email Tracking includes 3 email “inboxes” to add resumes, track candidate email correspondence and add notes.

Email Tracking is part of the $249/mo Premium Plan and our new $499/mo Enterprise Plan.

The Resume Inbox

add referrals JobScore

Now when candidates send you resumes you can just forward them to as an attachment and click send. Done.

The resume inbox is also a great way to supercharge your internal referral program – your team can add referrals JobScore by just sending an email.

The Email Inbox

JobScore using emails

Get candidate emails into JobScore using your own email client (gmail, hotmail, whatever) without logging in. You can store emails two ways:

1. Add to the bcc: line when you compose an email to a candidate.

2. Forward messages you receive from candidates to:

The email inbox makes easy to track both emails sent to candidates and their responses for all to see.

The Notes Inbox

capturing feedback candidates

Capturing feedback and discussions about candidates just got super-easy… now your team doesn’t even have to log in to add notes to JobScore!

Using the notes inbox is simple – just reply to messages sent from JobScore that have ## reply above this line ## at the top of the message and whatever you write in your reply will be added as a note.

Want to learn more?  Contact for a demonstration of how you can reduce data entry and improve recruiting performance using Email Tracking