Confidential Fields

Candidate questions and job fields can now be made confidential. When a user is restricted from seeing a confidential field, a lock icon is shown instead of the value:

candidate job application

Starting today all candidate and job compensation fields are confidential. Here’s who can see what:

Access Levels and Confidential Fields

  • Users with the OWNER and ADMIN access levels can see every confidential field, all the time.
  • Users with the EXTENDED, STANDARD and LIMITED access levels cannot see confidential fields by default (see below)
  • The idea is that OWNERs and ADMINs are recruiters and hr folks that can see everything confidential, while others can’t.

Confidential Access per Job

  • Users with the EXTENDED and STANDARD access level may be granted confidential access for specific jobs.
  • When granted confidential access for a job, the user will be able to see both the confidential data for the specific job and all candidates under consideration for said job.
  • Per job confidential access was built for users with STANDARD or EXTENDED access to see all of the information for their own jobs, but not everyjob in the system. This way hiring managers can see compensation data for their own candidates, but not other candidates.

Here’s how you can control confidential access per job in the job details area:

lock icon

To make things easier, you can edit the list of confidential jobs for users with the STANDARD and EXTENDED access levels from their user page:

edit email alerts

Want to make some things confidential right now? Edit your candidate questions or job fields and check the confidential box.