CEO Says He’d Help Fund a Lawsuit Against Jobfox

A few weeks ago, I uncovered some information about Jobfox that seemed to indicate the company was on the skids, noting their founder had left and comments on Glassdoor about employees not getting paid.

Since that post, a few reputable contacts have come forward with insight, although nothing concrete on the future of Jobfox has surfaced.

One confidant said the end of Jobfox was way overdue, underscoring the company had stopped paying checks to them as an affiliate and had been passed to collections on other outstanding bills.

Every penny counts, and it sucks that we’ll probably not get the money that’s owed to us.

More notably, however, was the job site CEO who has been stiffed by Jobfox and said he’d be willing to help fund a lawsuit if employees filed one.

Their fearless leader [Rob McGovern] managed not to pay some very large bills to a lot of people in the industry as well. Kept running them up even after it was very clear they were bankrupt. I for one would make a contribution to the legal fund of any employee who wants to sue him personally, since walking off without paying your employees as a corporate officer pierces the corporate veil in many states.

There’s even a rumor that Jobfox is in the red to the tune of six figures for at least one vendor. Those hit hardest seem to be the vertical job search engines who added Jobfox postings – which few were actually unique to Jobfox – to their search results on a pay-per-click basis.

What’s more, the company has allegedly left their resume writers high-and-dry. According to comments left on Trademarkia, a trademark reservation service hosting Rob McGovern’s apparent new biz Cobrain:

Cobrain is owned and operated by Rob J. Mcgovern. He criminally and intentionally scammed his resume writers at jobfox, and used the money to fund Cobrain. Rob McGovern is a degenerate and should be held accountable for the more than $250K he owes the 100+ writers.

Another anonymous commenter calls McGovern a “charlatan,” saying he owes at least 50 writers more than $100,000. Adding, instead he siphoned the money to start this business. He is unethical and nobody should do business with him.“

According to the trademark, Cobrain is a coupons, rebates, price comparison information, product reviews and discount information service. Well outside the employment space.

Looks like this is one fox that’s moving on to a different chicken coop.