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JobScore continues to grow and improve. We’ve been busy making Product Updates, but want to hear more from customers. So we made it easy to add your Product Ideas and vote for what we build next.

Thanks for your continued support and happy hiring!

Dan Arkind Co-Founder & CEO JobScore products updates

Ideas Forum: Restored and Improved

idea forum updates

We believe in transparency. Our ideas forum is a place where customers publicly discuss how to make things better.

Old ideas have been restored, and we’ve added a few new ones. Please visit the ideas forum to add, comment on, and vote for your favorites – which we’ll prioritize and build first.

Recent Updates

new tab updates

There’s a new tab in the JobScore HelpCenter called Updates. We’ve added the last 6 months of changes if you’d like to check them out.

Going forward we’ll announce new features and betas here. Whenever there’s an update, the “New” icon will appear:

new feature updates

Feature Betas

improving JobScore feature

For the past year we’ve been improving JobScore “behind the curtain” in closed betas. Here’s what’s close to general release:

  • Search Firm Inbox: Assign search firms to jobs and allow them to add candidates directly to the system by just sending an email.
  • Add Candidate: We’re streamlining the experience of adding candidates to JobScore, both one by one and in bulk.
  • Candidate Ratings: Help your team get better at recruiting by adding thumbs up / thumbs down rating criteria to your note templates.
  • Mobile Optimization: Drive employee referrals and interviewer engagement by inviting your entire company to use a simpler, mobile friendly version of JobScore.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and tallying your votes!