LinkedIn Job Posting Updates

In October, we established a direct relationship with Monster. That means significant savings on 30 day postings in the USA. Check out our new price on the post job page.

new job post page
hire job seekers

We’ve updated our LinkedIn job posting integration to deliver the experience you asked for. Now, when you buy LinkedIn job postings through JobScore you can:

  • Choose to show job seekers who is hiring for each job.
  • Have jobs appear on your LinkedIn Company Page – attach your LinkedIn Company ID here.
  • Include referral rewards (cash or text) with your postings.

labor market efficiency

We added another free board for USA based customers: JobCentral, which is operated by Direct Employers, a nonprofit dedicated to improving labor market efficiency.

new social recruiting

We started walking the Social Recruiting walk 

this summer, adding the ability to share jobs through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google.We want to make it ridiculously easy for people to share jobs with their network to generate more referrals – and some of you are already getting results.We’re about to take it up another notch. We willl be running a webinar to go over all our new social recruiting and referral features on December 7th @ 10AM. Reserve your spot here.

Job Sharing reports

There’s also a new Reports tab where JobScore Admins can see what’s happening across all of your jobs. New reports include:

  • Job Board and Job Sharing reports that show  activity levels and track effectiveness.
  • A Referral Leaderboard that tracks who is generating the most candidates and the most hires.
  • Self-service compliance reports for each of your jobs that export into Excel.

Is a report you need not listed here? Please ask for it in our ideas forum.