The art and science of recruiting

Recruiting is an art form.

Recruiting is about People. Listening. Storytelling.

Great practitioners of the art routinely:

  • Create connections where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Offer guidance and advice based on hard-learned experience.
  • Write, edit and customize sales scripts, coaching others on how to use them.
  • Call bull-shitake when they see it, but in an astonishingly diplomatic and constructive way.
  • Infuse talent that can make or break projects, divisions or entire companies

The craft isn’t always practiced by people with a business card that says “Recruiter” on it. Many CEOs and great executives, at their core, are recruiters – their job is to find, hire and motivate the people that make a business work.

In fact, most people who carry a business card that says Recruiter on it are consultants. They help other people hire, as a facilitator and a guide. If work is a great human endeavor, recruiters are the people who help make work happen. The weird thing is that there is no recruiter school you cant get a recruiter certificate or enroll in the Harvard of Recruiting. Most people become recruitment consultants out of necessity or by accident. Ask anyone who works in recruiting how they ended up in the business and there’s always a story. This is what the Hire Hacks blog is about. We’re trying to pull together information on how to be a better recruiter. We have some things to share, but we are hoping that you will contribute to the conversation as well.

Recruiting tools are about science.

Research. Leads. Conversions. Metrics. Reports. Process.

Our goal at JobScore is to build easy to use software that helps you kick butt. Its not about us and why we are good, its about you. We want you to spend less time on the administrative minutia of recruiting and more time practicing your art. We see science out there in user experience, APIs, statistical analysis, information retrieval and matching that we think can be applied to help you be productive. Well talk about some of this science and how were applying it here as well.

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