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Here at JobScore we are seeing more and more employers proactively sourcing candidates and building relationships with candidates outside of the traditional “job requisition based” hiring process.

To make it easier to do this in JobScore we’re delivering one of your most requested enhancements:


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Tags define candidates and create lists

Sometimes also known as “labels” or “folders,” tags help categorize candidates and automatically group them together with other similar people.

Tags are a great way to keep track of sourcing, candidate outreach, and post-assessment candidate relationship management activities in JobScore.

Tags, Tags, Everywhere

Tags, tags everywhere

We hope that tags will become an integral part of how your team recruits and stays organized.

To that end we’ve made it easy to add and edit tags wherever you manage candidates (when you add a candidate, review them on the candidate manager, etc.)


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Bulk Add & Edit Tags

We’ve included the ability to select multiple candidates and edit everyone’s tags in one go.

When sourcing this makes it easy to build lists of candidates and keep track of who you’ve sent which outreach email.


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Perform bulk actions on candidate lists

You ain’t buildin’ candidate lists for nuthin’, right?

Throughout JobScore you can easily bulk-assign candidates to to jobs and download candidate lists to send custom email campaigns

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Use tags as filters to build custom lists

Clicking on a tag anywhere in JobScore will take you to a list of all candidates that already have that tag.

To the right of the list of candidates you’ll a list of every tag in your account. Clicking on a second tag from the list will narrow your results to show candidates with every selected tag.

Click on a selected tag again to remove it and widen your filter to show more candidates.

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Tags Instant Search

Need to quickly access a list of tagged candidates? No problema.

Click into the instant search box at the top right of any page and in a few keystrokes your lists are at your fingertips


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Clean up on aisle 9

Everyone in your company shares a single set of tags but you don’t need to stress about tags getting messy or out of control.

When you feel the need to “garden” your tags, admins can edit tag names, delete tags, and even merge different tags together to keep things nice and tidy.


We’re excited about delivering tags and hope everyone will enjoy them.

What to use tags like a pro? Read our tags best practices tutorial to see what’s possible >>

Enjoy & Happy Hiring!

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