Show job seekers when jobs were opened and when they will be closed

Some companies need to show when jobs are opened and when they will stop accepting new applications.

Until recently, to do this in JobScore you had to include these dates in job description text and remember to log in to edit jobs on specific days. JobScore can now take care of this for you with two new attributes:


two new attributes on job description


Here’s how things look on your careers site when all options are checked:


career site showing how long the applications will be accepted


When the “remove job on” day arrives, JobScore automatically removes the job from your careers site so candidates can no longer find it and apply.

In case you want to extend the deadline, JobScore warns everyone on the hiring team the day before your job is automatically removed:


email from JobScore warning that the job will be automatically removed


If the removal date passes and you need to re-publish the job and start accepting applications again, just edit the job and change the “remove job on” date.

Happy Hiring!