See all candidate attachments in one place

Recruiting a candidate can require a lot of documents: resumes, cover letters, written assessments, portfolios, offer letters and more.

JobScore includes the ability to add attachments in many places: job applications, notes, emails, and most recently tasks and calendar events.

With attachments in so many different places it was getting difficult to quickly find the file you need. So we made it easier to find and work with attachments.

All candidate attachments can now be found on the View Candidate > Docs page. We still have the sections for Resumes, Cover Letters and Offers, but we added a new attachments section at the bottom. Here’s what’s new:

new attachments section at docs tab

 Here’s what’s new:

  1. JobScore now counts how many total attachments there are for each candidate and exposes that number on the docs tab.
  2. You can easily see where attachments are located (on emails, notes, or tasks)
  3. Each attachment row shows whether the attachment is private, can be edited or can be deleted
  4. You can add attachments directly from the Docs tab.

Attachments loaded from the docs tab are always public and accessible to everyone. If you need to make an attachment private, please add it to a candidate note and make the note private.

Happy Hiring!