Review Candidates by Answer

A while ago we updated JobScore to allow you to insert custom questions in your job applications.  We’ve added a new page where you can review candidates based on how they answered questions.

It’s called the Candidate Manager > by Answer and can be found here.  Here’s a preview:

insert custom questions

This page is very similar to the Candidate Manager > by Job page but has a few differences.

  1. You have the ability to filter your list of candidates based on whether they’ve answered specific questions and what answers they provided
  2. When you view results the answers to the first three questions you selected are shown in the table.
  3. If you want to see more answers, you can click “VIEW ALL ANSWERS” and see a larger version of the page that shows every answer provided in each candidate’s job application.

Just like the Candidate Manager > by Job you can open up each row to see each candidate’s contact info, employment and education history. You also have full power of the action menu, so you can easily disposition candidates from this page, both individually and in bulk.

If you are using specific questions to pre-screen candidates and are aggressively advertising jobs, the Candidate Manager > by Answer page can make your life a lot easier in terms of reviewing applicants quickly.