Recruiting Analytics

What gets measured gets managed

We spend a lot of time trying to make it easy for you to work smart. But sometimes working smart isn’t enough – you need hard numbers to prove a point.

JobScore’s new Recruiting Analytics get you the data you need to optimize your recruiting process and spend. We’ve improved our core reports and we’ve added new charts and exportable reports that illustrate activity across your entire company.

Recruiting Analytics

Sources: Investigate exactly where your candidates are coming from. Slice and dice by source type, job and time range, drilling down to your heart’s content.

Status: See the total number of candidates that reach each status compared to how many are currently in each status.

job recruiting analyst

Velocity: Shows how long candidates spend in each status, exposing process bottlenecks that slow you down.

History: Know exactly how often different actions are performed by each user. Cut the data by user, job or across your entire organization for the last week, month, quarter or year.

Export: No matter how pretty and colorful we make our charts, some of you just need spreadsheets. So we added easy one-click export-to-Excel buttons. Enjoy!

Source Quality

recruiting source quality

JobScore Recruiting Analytics are only available for Plus and Premium account holders. Plans start at $99 per month and JobScore account Admins can upgrade here.