Private Emails

Sometimes you need to send sensitive information like salary discussions and offer letters to candidates by email – but need to restrict who can see this information in JobScore. We’ve added the ability to make emails private, and it works just like private notes. Here’s what it looks like:

private email layouts

When you mark an email private, only the sender and the people you cc: on the email will be able to see it after you send it:

private emails option update

We’ve also added the little extras to make private email great:

  • Just like private notes, users with the Owner access level can read every private email – no matter what.
  • You can edit emails and make them private after they are sent.
  • Private is an option in email templates… so if you have an offer email template, you can make it private by default.
  • When you hire candidates you can choose to make all thier emails private (along with notes) so future co-workers can’t see past email correspondence.