Notes in JobScore just got radically better

Note alert emails

JobScore can now let you know when your colleagues add notes to candidates.  

Here’s how it works: we’ve added a “note alerts” control for each member of the hiring team for every job.  When you turn on note alerts that person is  notified every time someone else adds a note to a candidate.

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jobscore's hiring team

add customers feedback

Add notes by email

You’ll now see “Reply above this line” at the top of many JobScore emails. When you reply to these emails the text and attachments of your response are added to JobScore as a note.

This is great for hiring managers and mobile email users – it make it super-simple to add feedback without logging into the system.

Capture email discussions in notes

Turning on note alerts for your entire hiring team makes it easy to capture conversations about candidates by just replying to emails… there’s no need to log in or remember to cut-and paste information into the system – the team can use email naturally and the entire discussion will be saved in JobScore.

capturing email discussions

Adding notes by email and capturing email discussions are only available for employers on our Premium Plan. Not on the premium plan?

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Multi-user private notes

Need to share information with only a few people? Now when you make a note private you can allow other specific people to access it. This is particularly useful when recruiters and hiring managers need to share compensation information with each other – give it a try!

Multi-user private notes make note alerts much more usable. Only want a few people to be notified about a note instead of everyone? Just make it private.

Preview notes, tasks & emails

When a candidate is further along in the process they often already have many logged notes, emails and tasks

When you add a add new notes to one of these candidates many times you need to refer to old notes, tasks and emails… Now you can easily click to preview notes, emails and tasks inline – there’s no need to leave the page then come back and start over!

easy to preview notes

Don’t forget…

Notes were great before this update!  Cool features include