New Job Widget Updates

Our new Job Widgets make it easy to add an attractive list of jobs to any webpage: your company careers page, corporate blog — even your team’s personal websites.

We’re so excited about how much better the new widget makes you look that we’re turning off our old iframe careers site integration option.

Easily make JobScore match your website

company careers page

Job Widgets are powerful, highly flexible and they open up limitless job marketing potential:

Want to learn more? Click one of the links above or play around with the self-service widget builder yourself.

Iframe –> widget migration instructions

On Friday, July 20th our old iframe technology will stop working. If you currently have the iframe installed please ask your web master to migrate as soon as possible… it should only take a few minutes to make the switch. Please point them at the instructions on this page: How to migrate from the JobScore iframe to the JobScore Widget If your company hasn’t switched over to the new widget by Tuesday, July 2nd (two weeks from today) we will begin sending periodic reminders to all admins in your account reminding them of the need to migrate. We wouldn’t want you don’t experience a service interruption. If you or anyone on your team are having trouble creating a widget or getting it installed, please don’t hesitate to contact us at