JobScore New Recruiting Features

Total job postings and applications across the JobScore Network doubled in the past few months. Employed, talented people are looking for new challenges and we’re here to help you streamline recruiting. This update outlines a few of the dozens of changes we recently made because you asked for them. We’re always listening and we love feedback. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, send suggestions or email me at

Job Documents

Store job-specific documents (assessments, spreadsheets, NDAs, contracts – you name it) in JobScore so the entire team can quickly find what they need.

job spreadsheets assessment

Decline / Thank You Emails

schedule jobscore screening

Easily send thank you letters as you decline applicants: zing a standard email with one click, craft a custom message or send no email at all – it’s up to you. You can modify your default thank you letter and send thank you letters to many applicants at the same time.

Improved Navigation

Get more done and move your mouse less using powerful new action menus and our updated candidate, job and user screens.

new action menus

More Popular Job Boards

click posting integration

We launched one-click posting integrations with two more boards:– the leading job for technical talent and – a top destination for graphic designers and other creative professionals


To disposition a candidate you often have to do several things at the same time … add a note, add a task and update candidate status. We know that fewer clicks= yummy goodness so we built a page where you can do all of those things at once.

update candidate status

Search Everything

search resume text

We overhauled search. No really, it’s all new. Before you could only search resume text… now you can search every candidate attribute and see highlighted results. This includes names, employers, job titles, schools, notes, cover letters, email addresses and phone numbers.