Search Firm Inbox Beta – More Candidates

We’ve added some finishing touches to the Search Firm Inbox before general release

Gimme More Candidates!

  • Not getting enough candidates for a job? You can now ping all the search firms assigned to a job with one click.

account representative request

  • From the search firm page in the admin console you can also ping a search firm to submit candidates for all of the open jobs they are assigned to.

Reminders to notify search firms when you open jobs

  • When you publish a job to your Careers Site you’ll be asked if you want to ping the search firms to submit candidates. 
  • If you move a job into the Open status from On Hold, Closed or Filled we’ll ask you if you want to ping the search firms to submit candidates.

We made these enhancements because many companies open their jobs privately to internal candidates for a while before opening them to search firms and were forgetting to let them know.