Manage Recruiting Agencies using the Search Firm Inbox

We’ve made it easier to work with Recruiting Agencies. Enterprise customers can now have agencies submit candidates directly into JobScore using a new feature called the Search Firm Inbox.

Happy Hiring!

Dan Arkind

Co-Founder & CEO

use search firm inbox

Assign Search Firms to Jobs

Manage Agencies with new feature

You control which search firms can submit candidates for each job. Submissions from unassigned search firms are not accepted and bounce back to the sender.

Request Candidates

JobScore makes it easy to ask a search firm to recommend candidates by sending a notification email with the job description and detailed submission instructions.

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Email Submission for Search Firms

email inbox for recruitment

Agencies submit candidates by replying to your notification email. All they have to do is attach a resume, type up their private notes, and click send.

Candidates are added and routed normally. No more need to cut and paste in the information into JobScore or worry that things will fall through the cracks.

Detect Duplicates

JobScore checks search firm resume submissions for duplicates. When a matching candidate is found, the submission is not accepted and is bounced back to the search firm. No more candidate ownership disputes!

control search firm submissions

More Candidates Please!

request submission instructions

Stalled out and need more candidates? Easily ask all assigned search firms to submit more candidates with one click.

Track Agency Performance

Click on a search firm’s name to see their overall activity and per job breakdowns. Use the source report to see which search firms are performing the best.

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