Interviews & Interview Templates

We’ve made some improvements to help your team conduct interviews. Now, instead of adding notes after you talk to a candidate, you can use the interview page while you talk to candidates because it has everything you need to run a great interview on one page:

Interview Candidate Page

Completed interview feedback can be found where it was before, under the notes tab on candidate records:

Notes in JobScore have been streamlined to only be used to discuss candidates with your coworkers, not to enter interview feedback.

We added a few more things to make the switch to interviews smooth:

  • Interview Templates make it easy to prompt your team to ask the right questions and rate candidates. All Note Templates with custom ratings in your account have been transformed into Interview Templates.
  • Any interviews you had scheduled with assigned Note Templates will “just work” with the new Interview Templates.
  • Now when you schedule tasks you assign Interview Templates instead of Note Templates.
  • Interview feedback is shared with your team using the same settings, nothing has changed.

We made sure to preserve one of your favorite features… After you complete an interview you can easily change the candidate’s stage, schedule another task and/or email the candidate without leaving the page:

Finally, we’ve made interviews easy to find – there’s a button to start interviews at the top of the candidate page and an option in the 3 dots action menu:

At the end of the day, the change for your team is simple: when it’s time to interview a candidate ask them to click “Start Interview” instead of “Add Note” and everything will just work.

Happy Hiring!