Guest Role Beta

For a long time now there have only been two types of users in JobScore: users and admins.  You’ve told us that you need a “user light” version of JobScore for people who aren’t hiring managers or recruiters.

The mobile interface we launched in December is the first step in creating a completely new type of user: Guests.

Unlike users and admins, guests have a very limited set of things they can do:

  • View candidates that they have added to the system as referrals or specific candidates they’ve been tasked with interviewing
  • View open jobs and refer candidates for them directly, email them to their friends or share them on their social networks
  • See the company’s referral leader-board and check in on whether their referrals have been reviewed.

One of our mantras at JobScore is to make it easy for everyone to participate in recruiting.  Our hope is that with the guest user type you’ll be able to engage every employee in your organization to contribute by making referrals and interviewing candidates.

We’re looking to work with a few employers who actively use the JobScore calendar integration to schedule interviews and capture feedback to try out guest as the “employee referral portal” for everyone in their organization.

Please email if you’d like to participate in the guest user type beta.