Email Commands

Did you know that you can update JobScore by just sending an email? JobScore + email have been best friends for over 2 years.  We just launched a few new email commands to ensure that friendship last forever.  Here are the new commands:

Note@ Inbox updates:

Command Description
  • Change a candidate’s status
  • Example: You receive a candidate alert email.  You like what you see and aren’t sure whether to move forward or not.  Type /status manager review at the top of email reply and the candidate’s status will be updated so your manager knows they need to review them.
  • Change a candidate’s status and send them an email
  • Example: You receive a candidate alert email.  You don’t like what you see and want to say thanks but no thanks.  Type /template standard decline at the top of your email reply and the candidate’s status will be changed to declined and they’ll be sent your standard “thanks but no thanks” email.
  • Important: only works for email templates with the auto-send control activated
  • Assign a candidate to a different job
  • Make the note you are adding private
  • All users cc:ed on the email are added to the list of people who can view the private note
  • Make sure the note you send to is added to the right candidate


Resume@ inbox updates:


Command Description
  • Customize the candidate’s source
  • Example: You find a resume on google, download it and attach it to an email and send it to  In the body type /source database, google and hit send.  The source of the candidate will be set to Database > Google.
  • Add a cover letter instead of a note

Email tracking error messages have been updated to make failures easier to understand and resolve. Email commands can be stacked (you can use multiple at the same time) and if you aren’t familiar with them, please read the updated documentation.

We hope these commands make your life that much easier!