Daily Digest Email

Recruiting for many jobs at the same time can quickly fill up your email inbox, especially if you receive an email for every new applicant and scheduled interview. To minimize the number of emails you receive each day from JobScore, we’ve created a new-and-improved daily digest email.

We’ve retired our old daily candidate digest and daily task digest emails. They are now sections in the new all-in-one digest that includes:

  1. Jobs & offers that need your approval.
  2. Interview feedback you owe.
  3. Upcoming tasks & interviews.
  4. New candidates for your jobs.
  5. People who joined your talent network.

Here’s an example of what the new email looks like:

Daily Digest Email

If you currently use the candidate digest or task digest emails there’s no need to change anything – you’ll just start receiving one nicer looking email instead of two!

You can adjust your settings or turn the daily digest email on or off here.

Happy hiring!