Customize thank you emails per job

JobScore has always sent confirmation emails to candidates after they apply and we’ve given you the ability to customize the email.

Some of you however, have been listening to your grandmother’s advice and want to customize the messages you send in confirmation emails per job. Good news! Now you can do that.

To customize the message included in your confirmation email, just click into a job and edit the workflow. At the bottom of the area you’ll have the ability to edit the message, which looks like this:

Customize your confirmation email when editing the workflow stages

Every candidate who applies will receive your nice note. To take it up a notch consider adding some attachments with information about your company or using some of the custom fields to make the note even more personalized:

Add your custom confirmation email

If you want to have different confirmation emails for different locations and departments, make sure to create and update a Job Template with this information so applicants always get the right letter.

Now, go make grandma proud!